When it comes to electronic appliances, the first thing people look at is their energy efficiency, and it’s no different with heating and cooling in Tulare. HVAC systems are essential in a building to maintain a comfortable indoor environment throughout the year.

Tips to improve the heating system's energy efficiency

Heating systems take up a significant portion of fuel and energy expenses. Here are eight ways to help you improve your heating unit energy efficiency effectively.

Insulate your space

One of the first things you can do is ensure the indoor heat is not escaping outside. Caulk or weather stripping do wonders to seal air leaks around doors and windows. Experts recommend paying attention to attics and crawl spaces for thorough insulation. Once your home’s insulated, the heating unit can maintain a comfortable temperature with minimal energy usage.

Automate your heating

An easier way to make your unit more energy efficient is to use programmable or smart thermostats. These systems automate the temperature settings and ensure the optimal running of your heating unit. With these, you can set schedules for any time of the day. You can get experts to install a thermostat by scheduling heating services in Tulare.

Set lower temperatures

The Department of Energy recommends setting your thermostat to a temperature of 68 Degrees F to save more energy. You also don’t need to shut off your system completely when you are away for a short while or asleep. You can lower the temperature; this prevents your heater from consuming more energy to get the home back to the right temperature.

Don't neglect the filters

Air filters do more than improve indoor air quality. They also protect your heating system from damage. Dirt, dust, and other types of debris can clog the filters, blocking the airflow from moving through the system. In turn, this makes your heating system consume more energy. Experts recommend changing the air filters every month for optimum heating performance.

Consider other heating sources

Apart from a furnace, you can also consider installing a heat pump as a heating source. Heat pumps use the surrounding air or water as a heat source which helps reduce energy consumption.

Leverage natural heat

Open your windows during winter mornings, allowing natural sunlight to come through and naturally warm your home. If sunlight availability is not an issue, you can also consider installing solar panels. These are a great supplement to heating systems and will cost you less in the long run.

Size your system right

To avoid breakdowns and unnecessary heating repairs in Tulare, it’s vital that you choose a heater with the correct tonnage and capacity. Systems that are too large will use more energy, and those that are too small may struggle to heat the indoors. You can consult an expert to help you determine the right fit for your home.

Schedule equipment maintenance

Experts recommend scheduling furnace repair in Tulare during the beginning and end of every season to ensure your heating unit is in working order. Regular maintenance checks can also help professionals identify any irregularities in the system and address them immediately.

To avoid getting caught by surprising systems failures and avoid costly repairs, schedule top heating services today! Contact Central Heating and Cooling at 559-688-6675 or email us to receive excellent HVAC services.

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