Tips To Prevent AC Problems

Do you want to make sure you stay cool and comfortable all summer long? If so, keeping your air conditioning system in tip-top condition is essential. Here at Central Heating & Cooling Inc., we provide the best AC installation in Tulare, CA, so you can have peace of mind when it comes to maintaining your […]

How do I Know If My Air Conditioning System is Energy Efficient?

Most homeowners use air conditioners in the summer to keep their homes at a pleasant temperature. On hot days, you might need to rely on the AC for a long time; therefore, it’s essential to be aware of its performance. An ineffective unit won’t effectively cool your home, and you’ll also pay more for air […]

What to Do If You Find a Clogged AC Drain Line?

A clogged AC drain line indicates that too much water is backing up in the line and flooding your house. It can cause an alert to go off on your thermostat, stopping your unit’s cooling. Consequently, getting a routine AC tune-up, is recommended. Continue reading to discover various techniques for clearing your air conditioner drain […]

6 Thermostat Problems That May Affect Your Heating Unit

A broken thermostat may be to blame for your heating problems, and certain warning signs could indicate when your thermostat is malfunctioning. To resolve the problem with your thermostat, contact our professional HVAC service in Tulare. Read below to understand why your thermostat may be having issues in the first place. Thermostat problems that may […]