Heat Pump Tips to Save Money & Boost Performance

Heat pumps are a highly efficient way to warm and cool your house or office. Technological improvements have made these units good enough to be run throughout the year, unlike the older units that struggled to cool and warm houses efficiently. However, it is important for homeowners to adopt the right techniques to stay comfortable […]

Can A Dirty Furnace Filter Cause A Fire?

An HVAC system is one of the major electrical equipment within the house. One of the significant long-term investments within the household, your HVAC system is responsible for controlling the temperature and maintaining the indoor air quality. However, this long-term investment is an asset as long as it is well-taken care of. Now and then, […]

How Often Should You Change Your Furnace Filter in the Winter?

Though ideal for year-round utilization, it is in the winter season that we see the HVAC system working the most. Naturally, it is around this time that it needs maximum maintenance. Professionals recommend that HVAC systems should be tuned up once before the winter season sets in properly. But doing just that is not enough. […]

What Kind of Filter Should You Put in Your Air Conditioner?

What Kind of Filter Should You Put in Your Air Conditioner? It’s air conditioning season, and we all want the cool comfort of a good air conditioner without the dusty or harmful particles that might be blown in with that cool air. That’s where a good filter for your air conditioner can make all the […]