4 Air Conditioning Problems Caused By A Dirty Air Filter And How To Fix Them

Your air filter does more than change the air quality in your home. Air filters are important to how well heating and cooling systems work. It affects how much energy is used and how long it will last. The air filter in your air conditioner does more than help keep the air that comes out […]

Is It Ok To Leave Your Air Conditioner Unit On All The Time?

As the weather warms up, people will turn on their air conditioners. When it’s hot outside, you want to stay in your air-conditioned room for a long time. A room with air conditioning makes you feel cool, calm, and content. You might leave the air conditioner on all day, even if it’s a terrible summer. […]

4 Consequences of an Inadequately Sized HVAC System

Size matters regarding HVAC systems, but perhaps not as you expect. An HVAC system that is excessively powerful or large can waste money, energy, and comfort. The air conditioning contractor in Tulare, CA, must determine how much heating or cooling capacity is required to maintain comfort in your home. This is known as the home’s […]

Is The Temperature In Your Home Inconsistent? Check For These 5 Issue

If your home has uneven cooling, you are not alone. The system is expected to cool the entire residence efficiently when investing in AC installation in Tulare, CA. However, as time passes, various factors in your home, such as system age, ductwork issues, and dirty filters, can diminish a system’s ability to cool your home […]

6 Tips To Keep Your AC Running Smoothly

After correct AC tuneup in Tulare, CA, a well-functioning AC system is a great way to be comfortable as the temperatures rise. You can take several steps to guarantee that your house remains comfortably cool this coming summer. Tips to keep your AC running smoothly Reduce the thermostat’s setting: Your air conditioner may become overworked if the […]

Is It Humid In Your House Even When The Air Conditioner Is On?

Do you still notice moisture in your home even when your air conditioning unit is on? A properly working air conditioner will cool your home while also removing moisture.  So, what is it that causes humidity to persist? High moisture levels in your home can harm your health and your warming, ventilation, and air conditioning […]

The Six Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Keeps Tripping The Circuit Breaker

Your air conditioner is tripping the breaker, but you have no idea why. We hear you. An air conditioner trips the breaker in most cases because it draws more amperes than the specified limit switch. If you have a 20-amp breaker and your air conditioner draws 30 amps, the breaker will trip.  Air conditioner breakers […]

When Your Heater Fails To Turn Off, Here’s What You Should Do

It is beneficial to begin preparing your home for the onset of winter now because of the cold winters ahead. Warmth and comfort come from your heater, so you’d never expect a breakdown during cold winter days! An unresponsive furnace can lead to high utility bills and damage to vital components. These conditions can also […]