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What is the Difference Between a Dehumidifier and an Air Purifier?  Well, they are similar in that they both work on the air in the space where they are located, but there is a difference between the two.

Dehumidifier vs. Air Purifier

A dehumidifier is used to maintain healthy humidity in your living area. It cleans the air and takes out excess moisture.  By taking out the excess moisture, mold and bacteria is prevented from growing which could cause health issues.  An air purifier works a bit differently.  Instead of taking out the humidity from the air, it cleanses the air.  The air purifier filters out germs, smoke, dust and mold.

Types of Dehumidifiers

There are three types of dehumidifiers:

  • Refrigerant – refrigerant dehumidifiers use a similar process as your fridge.  Air is brought into the dehumidifier via a fan.  The air travels over cool metal plates and the moisture condenses onto the plate.  The condensed moisture then drips into a water tank. These dehumidifiers are more economical than desiccants at high temperatures and moisture levels.
  • Desiccant – desiccant dehumidifiers absorb water from the air.  To do this a desiccant is used, which is material that absorbs water.  Think of a small pack of crystals, or a silica gel, which are examples of a desiccant. This type of dehumidifier tends to be smaller and more portable than a refrigerant dehumidifier.  They are also more economical than refrigerant dehumidifiers at lower temperatures and moisture levels.
  • Whole House – whole house dehumidifiers work in conjunction with your home’s heating and cooling system.  This type of dehumidifier draws air through the return ductwork.  The moist air is then pulled into the unit and cooled.  The moisture then condenses into water and is collected in a pan or drained into a drain.   This type of dehumidifier works on all the rooms in the house, whereas the other types work on the humidity room by room.

Types of Air Purifiers

There are seven types of air purifiers:

  • Ultraviolet  (UV) –  UV air purifiers use ultraviolet light to remove viruses, bacteria and pathogens from the air. They are small and compact.
  • HEPA – HEPA air purifiers use an advanced air filter to remove all particles larger than a certain size in the air.  They are good at removing particles like pollen, mold, and dust.  However, HEPA air filters cannot remove germs, viruses and bacteria because they are too small.
  • Activated Carbon – these air purifiers are good at removing smoke, fumes, gases, and odors. Most of these include HEPA filters as well.
  • Ionic – ionic air purifiers are quiet and operate without a motor.  To take particles out of the air they emit negative ions that bond with positively charged particles such as dust.  The particles become heavy and fall out of the air.
  • Electric Air Cleaner – cleans your whole home.  This type of cleaner works with your furnace or air conditioner, and traps airborne particles via static electricity.  These use a HEPA filter in conjunction with your heating or cooling system.
  • Central Air Cleaner – these cleaners purify the air by connecting to your central heating and cooling systems.  They work in the ductwork of your home to remove pollen, dust and viruses.  This type of air cleaner can be very efficient in removing particles that are less than one micron.
  • Air-to-Air Exchangers – ventilate the air in your home by removing old air and bringing in fresh air.  They can also work to regulate the temperature and humidity in your home.   These are good if you have poor air circulation in your home.


Dehumidifiers are different from air purifiers.  Depending upon what you need to do with your home, will help you decide what to purchase for your home.   The main differences between the two are that a dehumidifier takes out humidity from the air.  However, both work to make your air cleaner and your living space healthier.

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Protection you need
A central heating and cooling system offers just the basics with regard to enhanced indoor air quality for you and your family. Consider the fact that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that the air you breathe inside your home could be up to five times more polluted than the air outside your home. Beyond simply heating and cooling the air in your home, don’t you want the best indoor air possible for your family? We make it a simple decision with Clean Comfort™ Indoor Air Essentials product solutions.

Shine a light on comfort
Ultraviolet lamps have been used in a wide range of sterilization applications for almost 100 years, including water treatment, food processing and disinfection of hospital equipment. The Clean Comfort brand Air Purifiers employ the same technology by using a combination of germicidal UVC and UVV light to help deactivate microbial contaminants, like bacteria, viruses, mold, and allergens, while also deodorizing the air inside your home.

Optimizing Air Quality with Air Purifiers in Tulare, CA

Finding quality air purifiers in Tulare, CA can be quite the task for some homeowners. Additionally, homeowners are not concerned with their filtration systems and indoor air quality as often as they should be. That is why Central Heating & Cooling is here to assist you in improving the air quality and air filtration within your home or business. A properly maintained air filtration system by Central Heating & Cooling will ensure your family or clients are provided with the best air quality possible!

Improving Air Quality with Air Purifiers

The indoor air quality and air filtration services provided here at Central Heating & Cooling are carried out by our certified HVAC Technicians. Moreover, there are a variety of air purifiers. Some commonly known air purifiers include UV air purifiers and UV coil air purifiers. These devices are designed to clean the air of your home of business of harmful airborne substances. Additionally, air purifiers provide more effectiveness in trapping harmful contaminants versus the traditional filtration systems found in homes. These air purifiers can assist in combating germs associated with microbes, viruses, and bacteria within your home or business. We understand that improving the air quality is essential to the safety and survival of our family amidst these terrifying times. With the COVID-19 pandemic showing minimal signs of slowing down, an optimized filtration system could be the difference between health and harm for your home as well as your family.

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