Furnace repair or maintenance includes inspecting and modifying, washing, testing, and lubricating all the device’s critical components, as necessary. Annual maintenance of the furnace will keep the machine running effectively. 

It is normally safer to have furnace repair and maintenance more often, such as two to four times a year, if you are concerned about preserving optimum indoor air quality, or if someone in your home has respiratory conditions or a weakened immune system. As temperatures drop, the best time for furnace maintenance and repair service is before you operate your machine regularly.

Most common Furnace System problems

Let us take a look at some of the most common problems your furnace system may face.

  • Thermostat

Checking the thermostat is the first step when your furnace system malfunctions. Someone may have turned it off unintentionally or made an unnecessarily drastic temperature change. Your thermostat batteries may also have died.

  • No power

If your furnace system is not working properly, the second step is to check if your system is receiving power. Even if the furnace is properly plugged in, the circuit breaker may have tripped.

  • Scraping or Grinding sound

If a grinding or scraping noise is made by your blower, it means your ball bearings have worn out, and you should automatically turn the device off. Such a problem requires professional help.

  • Ignition issues

You might have a misbehaving thermocouple or a clogged pilot orifice, your flame setting may be too low, or a faulty safety switch may be accessible. In such circumstances, make sure to get professional help to fix your furnace.

  • Dirty Filters

Clogged filters obstruct airflow, making it harder for your furnace to operate, leading to overheating of the heat exchanger, which will shut your machine down.

  • Open Access Panel

If your unit’s access panel is not closed all the way, the furnace will not turn on. This is a safety feature in almost all furnace systems, to prevent injuries.

  • Unclean Burners

Furnaces can’t release enough natural gas to produce combustion if your burners get filled with gunk up, which means you won’t get any heat. Healthy burners create blue flames; any other colour, including yellow or orange, indicates debris in the mix.

  • Broken Heat Exchanger

A broken heat exchanger hampers your furnace’s ability to do its job and can cause deadly carbon monoxide to enter your home. It is characterized by soot collection in your furnace and a strong unpleasant odor in the house.

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