Can A Dirty Furnace Filter Cause A Fire?

Can A Dirty Furnace Filter Cause A Fire?

An HVAC system is one of the major electrical equipment within the house. One of the significant long-term investments within the household, your HVAC system is responsible for controlling the temperature and maintaining the indoor air quality.

However, this long-term investment is an asset as long as it is well-taken care of. Now and then, we learn about cases where the lack of HVAC system maintenance leads to severe consequences.

In this article, we will take a look at whether it is possible for a dirty furnace to cause fire or not. We will also be focusing on several other consequences of a dirty filter. Therefore, to assess it and know about emergency furnace repair in Tulare, CA, give this article a read.

Consequences Of A Dirty Filter

The filter within an HVAC unit is an essential component of the system. It is responsible for purifying the air circulated within your home. In other words, it helps deliver clean and purified air to you and your family by trapping all sorts of impure particles.

As it keeps collecting all sorts of impurities, it becomes essential to clean it at regular intervals. However, if left uncleaned for an extended period, it may cause severe problems and may malfunction.

Ventilation Fire

These are sporadic cases, but they do happen. The filter may get so clogged that it may start blocking the airflow. That’s why it is important to call experts for heating repair in Tulare, CA.

This may cause complications within the system, which can later lead to severe damage like fire. This heightens the risk of harm to the system as well as to the house.

Air Contamination

Too much dirt accumulation within the filters can give rise to contaminated air within the home. Dust and dirt particles may escape within the duct systems. This may lead to the build-up of polluted air, causing severe health issues to inhale this air.

Less Efficient

A dirty and clogged filter can also cause the entire system to lag and work inefficiently. A clogged filter will cause resistance within the system, leading the heating system to utilize extra effort to operate.

This not only decreases the efficiency of the whole unit but also increases costs.

With this, we hope that we were able to make you understand the importance of cleaning the filter and having regular tune-up of your HVAC system. A little care today can ensure a safe and healthy future. Thus, make sure you get in touch with trustworthy and experienced professionals who can help take care of your HVAC system for you.

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