7 Tips for Maintaining Your Furnace

7 Tips for Maintaining Your Furnace

It is not uncommon for maintenance tasks to fall by the wayside. After all, nobody wants to get their hands messy. Most homeowners simply think, “if it isn’t broken, it doesn’t need any fixing”. However, if you fail to check on your furnace and ensure it is in proper working condition, the odds are you will land up with a broken furnace when the weather takes a turn.

Tips For Furnace Maintenance:

If you are one of those who tends to push away maintenance chores, here are a few simple tips you can follow to avoid furnace repair in Tulare, CA:

  • Reduce The Heating Load: The easiest way to reduce the heat load on your furnace is to make your homely abode energy efficient by spotting and sealing any weaknesses in the structural shell of your house. You may need to call in an HVAC contractor to conduct a home energy audit to determine where the air is leaking out of your house. You could also use specialized equipment such as infrared cameras to figure out spots that need sealing and insulating.
  • Make Sure The Vents Are Clean: As with all household appliances, your furnace also needs to be cleaned regularly to ensure it is in good working condition. Inspect your furnace every two weeks to check if all vents are accessible and if all floor registers are free of debris. Clean out pet hair, scraps of paper, and dust that may be lodged in the vents. In order to do so, remove the floor registers and use a vacuum to clean up the mess.
  • Test Your CO Detectors: This is an important step that is often overlooked. The carbon monoxide detectors are important parts of your furnace as they will warn you when your unit develops a leak. Ensure that the detectors are working and that you swap out the batteries for a new set before the heating season begins. If your heating unit breaks down on a regular basis, then contact experts for heating replacement in Tulare, CA.
  • Check The Thermostat: If you feel uncomfortable and muggy in the house, you could be dealing with a faulty thermostat. Check to see if your thermostat is working right or needs to be replaced. Doing so can take a huge load off of your furnace and help it run more optimally.
  • Fan Inspection: A thorough inspection from time to time can keep your furnace running well. You could either call in heating repair in Tulare, CA, or do this on your own. While inspecting your unit, be sure to check the fan components. If there is dirt and grime, clean it out and your furnace will be good as new again.
  • Check The Pilot Light: If you own an older furnace that is built-in with a pilot light, check to ensure that the flame is bright blue. If the flame is not burning blue, you must call in professionals to investigate the problem.
  • Check Outdoor Exhaust Pipes: Most high-efficiency gas furnaces have exhaust pipes that lead outside the building. Take a walk around your house and check to make sure nothing is blocking these pipes. Doing so will allow your furnace to operate both safely and efficiently.

These simple tips can keep your furnace going for several years and help you avoid costly repairs. If you are on the lookout for a reliable HVAC contractor in your neighborhood, look no further. CENTRAL Heating & Cooling Inc. offers reliable and affordable heating services  that you can rely on. Call us today at (559) 688-6675.