6 Thermostat Problems That May Affect Your Heating Unit

6 Thermostat Problems That May Affect Your Heating Unit

A broken thermostat may be to blame for your heating problems, and certain warning signs could indicate when your thermostat is malfunctioning. To resolve the problem with your thermostat, contact our professional HVAC service in Tulare, CA. Read below to understand why your thermostat may be having issues in the first place.

Thermostat problems that may affect your heating unit

Thermostat problems are one of the many potential causes requiring heating repair. Let’s look at some of the most common thermostat problems that can cause HVAC systems to fail.

  • Dirty Thermostat: Many homeowners have experienced the frustration of having their HVAC system fail to achieve the desired temperature because of a faulty thermostat. One common cause is because dirt and dust accumulate within the thermostat. If this happens, the thermostat may not accurately read the room temperature.
    When Cleaning an older thermostat, you’ll likely need to remove the cover. A sheet of paper may be used to shuffle the contacts around. As a result, the dirt and grime will be easier to scrub away. If you don’t feel comfortable cleaning your furnace, contact our professional service for furnace repair in Tulare, CA.
  • Power Issues: The thermostat on your air conditioner might fail if the electricity goes off. You should replace the batteries in your thermostat if a power outage occurs frequently. Inadequate wiring is also a possible cause of power fluctuations that might cause your thermostat to malfunction.
    Likewise, inspect the electrical panel or fuse box for any signs of damage or dysfunction. If you find problems with it, you should replace it.
  • Older Thermostat: Newer thermostats don’t have many of the issues that older ones do. Like other HVAC system parts, the thermostat eventually wears out. It is better to replace the old thermostat rather than call an expert for repair.
  • Placement Issue: Sometimes, rather than being impacted by an internal issue, improper placement can affect a thermostat’s reading of the air temperature. Avoid winds, direct sunlight, and other extreme heat or cold sources while installing your thermostat so that it is 150 cm or more off the ground and operating at its best.
  • DIY Installation: Unless you have extensive expertise working with electricity, wiring and installing thermostats are best left to our HVAC services experts in Tulare. Loose connections or other DIY-related issues might severely damage your thermostat and the rest of your home’s wiring.
  • Programming Defects: Thermostats today are entirely computerized. You could use them for many years without experiencing any issues. However, certain thermostats are improperly configured.

If you cannot identify the cause of the thermostat issue, you may have programming problems. Contact our professionals for HVAC services if you are facing programming defects.

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