Imagine the discomfort you have to go through on hot summer days because your air conditioner is not working. The small details you ignore can result in damages that will cause you to go without cool air for days until your system gets repaired. Here are five signs that show your AC needs a repair service.

  • Water Leaks

Water leakage is a common problem in most cases. Many people have experienced this problem where water droplets drip down from the air conditioner. Sometimes the lakes may appear from the ceiling too. This problem generally arises due to the clogs in the drain line. We can also see that if the drainage slope is not designed properly, leaks are caused. Excessive debris and dirt may block the air filters and condensation pipes that will also cause water leaks. Before the situation worsens, call an expert for heating and cooling in Tulare.

  • Short Cycles

If you find yourself with an air conditioner turning on and off every five minutes, it is a sure sign of damage. Many assume that their air conditioner is working in peak form by cooling faster, but that is a myth. This problem is called short cycling. Dirty evaporator coils, low refrigerant levels, and many other factors cause this problem. After a while, you will find that your room has not cooled even with the device on because of these short cycles. This will cause grave damage to your device if not serviced.

  • Strange Sounds

Now we all know that noises from your air conditioner are not a good sign. The air conditioner will not work completely quietly, but then it’s time for a repair if you find some weird sounds. Sometimes there are banging sounds that occur due to broken parts or a need for compressor replacement. Squeaking sounds, on the other hand, occurs due to the malfunctioning of the fan or blower. Similarly, different kinds of sounds signify different types of problems with your air conditioner. It is better to have AC repair in Tulare before the problem intensifies.

  • Bad Odors

We know you will not enjoy a humid, heavy moisture smell in the room. This happens when there are high humidity levels in the air outside. Unpleasant odors usually start when your air conditioner cannot drain the moisture filtered from the room. Sometimes this stagnant water might even affect the ductwork. Whatever might be why the dirty smell emitted from your air conditioner, a routine check-up will solve all the problems. 

  • No Proper Cooling

It’s an obvious sign that your AC is not working properly. Sometimes your AC might take too long to cool the room, and other times it doesn’t cool the room at all even though it’s working. Several reasons contribute to this problem, like not having enough refrigerant, dirty air filters, and many more. Proper maintenance will rectify these issues.

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