4 Ways to Clean Your Home’s Air if You Love Cooking

Who doesn’t love home-made food? While cooking at home keeps you healthy and saves money, it is also one of the biggest causes of indoor air pollution. Maintaining the air quality of your home becomes imperative to live a healthy life free from breathing problems and other issues like allergies and irritation in your eyes. Here are 4 four ways to clean your homes air if you love cooking.

  • Increase and maintain ventilation: Increase the number of vents to let fresh air replace the smoke-filled air inside your kitchen.
  • Whole house air purification: Call for air purification of the house regularly.
  • Changing air filters of AC: Make sure that you clean and replace the air filters of AC and heaters to ensure that they do not accumulate dust.
  • Air scrubber: Installing an air scrubber in your HVAC system can reduce air pollution and improve air quality.

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