What to Do If You Find a Clogged AC Drain Line?

What to Do If You Find a Clogged AC Drain Line?

A clogged AC drain line indicates that too much water is backing up in the line and flooding your house. It can cause an alert to go off on your thermostat, stopping your unit’s cooling. Consequently, getting a routine AC tune-up, is recommended. Continue reading to discover various techniques for clearing your air conditioner drain line

How Do Clogs Develop?

Microscopic bacteria and other minute airborne particles are present in the water that gathers in the condensate pan of your air handler. The water leaves behind a residue as it drips through the drain line. It can accumulate to develop algae, mildew, and even wet clumps of dust and dirt, requiring emergency air conditioning repair in Tulare, CA.

Clogs may also develop on the drain line’s outside end because it is connected to the outside. A dirt clod can clog the drain pipe if it exits in a dusty area. A nest of insects may have formed in the opening of your air conditioner if you haven’t used it for a long time.

What Signs Point To A Clog?

Your air handler’s features determine what happens after your drain line clogs. Many modern air handlers can recognize when the drip pan is full and respond by turning it off. If your air handler lacks this feature, you might not detect an issue until you see water trickling through your ceiling or coming out of your vents. Our AC tune-up in Tulare, CA, advise that this indicates that the drip pan has overflowed, so turn off your air conditioner.

How Can You Unclog A Clogged Drain Line?

Certain tools, including a wet or dry shop vac and potentially an air compressor, are needed to clear a drain line. It will also necessitate working in the attic, maybe in a cramped place if your air handler is there. It is a rapid emergency air conditioning repair, so if you can’t perform it or don’t have the tools, you should let an HVAC specialist handle it.

  • Locate your air handler’s condensate drip pan, typically near the bottom of the machine, if you wish to try clearing it yourself. Use a wet or dry vacuum to remove the water after carefully sliding the pan out (it might be full).
  • To remove any buildup, completely remove the pan and wash it in hot, soapy water.
  • Next, use suction or positive air pressure to clear the drain pipe. You can attempt cleaning the line from either end, but doing so will be difficult because the vacuum hose needs to be tightly sealed.
  • It might be necessary to experiment with various attachments or make do by using a rag to improvise. If you have a partner fill up the other end of the line while vacuuming, it will be more efficient.
  • Our AC installation experts, suggest using an air compressor to pump air into the drain tube’s air handler end in the hopes that it will blow the obstruction out of the other end.
  • Once the drain line is clear, slowly pour a gallon of white vinegar through the tube using a funnel, or contact our skilled experts for AC service in Tulare, CA. It will kill any remaining mold and algae and reduce the risk of future clogging.

Do You Require AC Service In Tulare, CA?

Not all homeowners can perform a job like clearing out a drain line, but when it must be done, it must be done quickly. Call CENTRAL Heating & Cooling Inc. at (559) 688-6675 if you require the AC service or AC installation in Tulare, CA.