What Kind of Filter Should You Put in Your Air Conditioner?

It’s air conditioning season, and we all want the cool comfort of a good air conditioner without the dusty or harmful particles that might be blown in with that cool air. That’s where a good filter for your air conditioner can make all the difference. Cleaner indoor air, greater cooling efficiency, longer unit life–these benefits and more come with a good air conditioning filter. But there are a lot of filters out there. Which one is right for you?

First, What Unit Do You Own?

Choosing the right filter needs to start with the unit you own. it will lower the chances of getting your regular AC repair in Tulare. The size, power, and manufacturer’s requirements can point you in the right direction. Even with those specifics, though, you will still have many choices available.

Different Types of Filters

The basic reason to use a filter is to trap dust, mold spores, and other particles as the air passes through. All filters do that to some degree, but there can be quite a difference in the results depending on the type of filter used:

1.  Fiberglass (or fiber) filter: These are basic flat filters that cost less but are also the least effective at filtering out particles

2.  Pleated filter: As the name implies these filters have rows of pleats that make them much more efficient at trapping particles than a flat filter.

3.  Electrostatic filter: These filters use an electric charge to attract particles and are generally more efficient than pleated. They are also washable and reusable.

4.  HEPA filter: HEPA, or High Efficiency Particulate Air filters, remove 99.97% of particles larger than 0.3 microns. These cost more but provide a very high level of efficiency. Because they trap so many particles it is especially important to replace HEPA filters regularly.

The right choice for you

Once you understand the requirements of your unit and the types of filters available, your specific situation will determine the best filter. Do you live in an area with high dust and particle content in the outside air? Do you have health conditions that might require a high degree of filtration?

Is the cost of some filters too high for you?  The professionals at Central Heating and Cooling in Tulare, CA can help you come to the best decision in choosing filter and also for air conditioner service in Tulare, CA. Contact us at (559) 688-6675. You can also drop us a line on Facebook and browse our customer reviews. You will be happy with our service.

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