Your air conditioner is tripping the breaker, but you have no idea why. We hear you. An air conditioner trips the breaker in most cases because it draws more amperes than the specified limit switch. If you have a 20-amp breaker and your air conditioner draws 30 amps, the breaker will trip. 

Air conditioner breakers trip to safeguard you from overloads, which can harm equipment and start burns. So when this happens, do not keep resetting the breaker and allowing it to trip, as regular tripping can damage your air conditioning device. So it is better to call an expert air conditioning contractor in Tulare, CA, to inspect your AC circuit breaker. 

What Are The Reasons Your Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping?

Below are some reasons that make your circuit breaker trips. 

  • Clogged Air Filter

A dirty filtration system harms your air conditioner’s blower, and it has to work much longer to move air through the filter. As a result, the blower draws more electricity and trips the breaker.

  • The Outside Unit Is Dirty

There are two units in your air conditioning system, one inside and one outside. With the help of a coolant, the inside unit takes heat from your air. This refrigerant is directed to the outside unit to dissipate the heat. However, if the outside unit is extremely- dirty, it will be unable to disperse heat effectively because dirt acts as an insulator. So the air conditioner runs and runs, trying to dissipate the heat outside, and the breaker trips due to pulling excessive current.

  • Troubleshooting The Electrical System

The problem could be with the breaker rather than the air conditioner. Wires linked to the breaker may be frayed, or the breaker itself may be defective and must be replaced. It is a relatively low-cost fix.

  • The Motor Shorted Out

The electric engines in your air conditioner can run for hours on end and withstand abuse. However, if a motor runs hot for an extended period, the wire coating can deteriorate, resulting in an electrical “short.” A “short” is when electricity deviates from its normal path (thus taking a “shortcut”).

  • The Compressor Is Having Difficulty Starting

The compressor is the center of your air conditioning system. When it first turns on, it consumes a large amount of electricity. Regrettably, as the compressor gets older, it has difficulty starting (known as hard starting) and draws even more energy, causing the breaker to trip.

  • The Compressor Has Been Grounded

A “centered compressor” or “compressor short to ground” indicates that an electronic twisty inside the compressor has cracked and hit the compressor’s side. It results in a direct short to ground, igniting the oil and inducing burnout. Of course, the circuit breaker trips due to the sudden current spike. It is the absolute worst-case scenario. An air conditioning technician will need to substitute the compressor and clean the coolant lines.

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