If your home has uneven cooling, you are not alone. The system is expected to cool the entire residence efficiently when investing in AC installation in Tulare, CA. However, as time passes, various factors in your home, such as system age, ductwork issues, and dirty filters, can diminish a system’s ability to cool your home evenly.

While the temperature in your living room may be just right, your bedroom is freezing. You’re paying for central air conditioning, so why is it not functioning correctly? Temperature disparities can aggravate, but they may also indicate more significant problems. Instead of cranking up the thermostat or overworking your system, consider what may be the root of the issue and call for AC repair.

Some Frequent Causes Of Temperature Disparities In The Home

  • Inadequate sizing of ductwork or HVAC:

If your ductwork or HVAC system is improperly sized for your home, you will not receive the necessary airflow. This will not only affect the heating and cooling balance in Tulare in your home, but it can also cause permanent damage to the system. In the winter, improper airflow can cause the evaporator coils of your system to freeze. The opposite issue can arise during the warm months: your system may overheat and fail prematurely.

  • Impaired Airflow:

Are your vents completely open? During the winter, some individuals close the vents to unoccupied rooms to save money. This is not always the case, however. In a multi-story place, heat rises. Consequently, you should ensure that all of your vents are open.

Windows may also contribute to insufficient airflow. During the summer, older windows may allow more heat into your home, causing your air conditioner to work harder. Additionally, you may have leaking ducts, resulting in inconsistent home temperatures and frequent AC repairs in Tulare.

  • Unclean ducts:

Dust, debris, pollen, and pet dander can accumulate in the components and ductwork of your HVAC system. Consequently, this can reduce the airflow to certain rooms and cause temperature disparities throughout the house. It can also degrade the quality of indoor air.

  • Lack of insulation:

This is most prevalent in older homes, but poor insulation and thin walls can significantly impact the home’s temperature in any circumstance. It occurs because of an imbalance in heating and cooling in Tulare. If your home does not retain cool or warm air, you will waste energy and spend more to condition the entire house. Even if this is only a problem in a few rooms, your system will run longer than it should to heat and cool those rooms, which can be costly in the long run.

  • Factors pertinent to the space (location, windows, etc.):

The location of rooms and the size and number of windows in those rooms can also affect the temperature. A space that faces the sun most of the day will be naturally warmer than one that does not. The number and size of the windows in a room and how they are sealed can affect the room’s temperature if you live in a particularly warm or cold climate.


The inconsistent temperature in your home can be due to various reasons. Before deciding to replace your HVAC system, it is better to call for an expert from Central Heating and Cooling Inc. We provide top-class heating and cooling systems services, including AC tune-up in Tulare, CA.

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