If you have detected a bad odor in your room and find it to be coming from your air conditioner, it can be quite disturbing.

There are multiple reasons why your AC might be emitting a bad smell, however, you need to be aware of the causes and how you can cure your AC to ensure it does not impart a bad odor again. 

In this article, we will read about the causes of unpleasant smells and how to remove them:

Causes and Removal 

Heated Fluids Cause it to Smell Like a Car Engine

Every air conditioner contains certain kinds of liquids that can smell like exhaust fumes when heated. This kind of smell can be caused due to the leakage in your refrigerant line. This can be dangerous, and so you need to be cautious with its leakage. 

  • Removal: The best way of solving the unpleasant smell from your air conditioner is to call a professional and get it checked by him immediately. The freon leak is very harmful, and only a certified HVAC specialist or AC repair in Tulare can repair it without taking much time.  

A Fiery Smell From the AC

The composition of the air conditioners are of many electrical components such as circuit boards, power wires, fans, compressors, etc. These components are damaged and start to create a smell like a burning fire. The best way of curing this is to turn off your air conditioner and immediately call a specialist.  

  • Removal: In the above case, you can easily cure the smell by practicing a regular cleaning of your air conditioner. With a proper cleaning regularly, the parts are unlikely to get damaged soon and will not create any problems in the future. If the smell still does not go away, then calling an HVAC professional for AC Tune-up in Tulare, CA, is the best solution. 

The Smell of a Rotten Egg From Your AC

 This is an unusual smell caused because of dead insects or animals stuck in your air filters. It not only creates a foul smell but also is very unhygienic for your house. The best opinion is to have pest control near the area of your air conditioner to prevent animals or insects from taking shelter inside your air conditioners.

  • Removal: The best thing you can practice is keeping a record of your pest proof at regular intervals. You should also keep your air conditioners clean regularly and keep a check if no insect or animal is taking shelter inside the air conditioner. There is the best option of calling a technician for help if you do not feel good while cleaning the dead remains. 

The Gas Leakage Smell

 The air conditioner produces some kinds of gasses inside it and also releases them at some point in time. The smell of the gas is most annoying and very dangerous among all the others. The gas which is released is methyl mercaptan. 

  • Removal: If your AC starts to smell like a beech’s skunk spray, then definitely it is the smell of the gas leaking from your air conditioner. Immediately turn off your gas supply and quickly contact the service center to cure the problem. 

The best way to keep your AC free of bad odor is to regularly clean and service it and use it carefully. Please get to know about Central Heating and Cooling and how our professionals can help you stay safe from AC-related problems. We offer best HVAC services in Tulare to your doorstep.

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