How to Reduce the Air Conditioner Power Consumption

How to Reduce the Air Conditioner Power Consumption

Anyone who has had their power bill skyrocket during the summer knows that air conditioner energy consumption can be an unpredictable cost. So to try to comprehend your power expenses, start with the voltage level of your AC unit (check the label on the condenser coil), which will tell you how much electricity it uses under ideal conditions. 

However, note that many factors influence how efficient an air conditioner is and how much power it consumes, including the quality and age of the unit and your home’s layout. So it is always better to consult professional HVAC experts to understand your cooling unit’s power consumption.

How Do You Reduce AC Energy Costs?

Here are some tips to reduce your air conditioner’s power expenses:

  • Increase The Temperature By One Degree: Could you spot the difference between a 71-degree room and a 72-degree room? Most people couldn’t either. So, if you’re trying to save energy, try setting your thermostat one degree higher than it would be. It will make your cooling appliance run less often and use less power.
    This practice will train you to be aware of what temperature of your thermostat. The energy consumption of an air conditioner increases dramatically for every degree above the external temperature, so that these minor adjustments will add up over time.
  • Install A Smart Thermostat And Plan A Schedule: To make the most of your air conditioning, remember it only runs when necessary and that the temperature is set correctly.
    Fortunately, you won’t have to keep track of it yourself. And it is simple to reduce your air conditioner’s energy usage with an electronic or smart thermostat. Set your thermostat with a configurable schedule to not cool the space when no one is present. Some thermostats can learn your schedule and program themselves over time.
  • Maintain Clean Ducts And Airflow: Your air conditioner will use less energy if it is not fighting against dirty air ducts and obstructed airflow. Keeping your air conditioner’s vents and ducts tidy will help it run more effectively. Check that your furniture and room layout do not also block the vents.
  • Plan Routine Maintenance Visits: Cleaning the components, calling experts for AC repair in Tulare, CA, and replacing worn parts allow your system to run more efficiently and consume less energy. So when you schedule regular air conditioning services in Tulare, CA, you can help your unit retain up to 95% of its original efficiency.
  • Replace Air Filters: You may not believe that a clogged air conditioner filter can cause an increase in air conditioning power usage. Also, it might not be wrong to say that a clogged filter is like an obstructed sink. While something may get through, it will run more smoothly if it’s clear. Air filters can become obstructed with dirt and dust, and if they reach their capacity, dust will collect on fans and motors, slowing your system down and causing it to run longer and use more electricity.

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