Most homeowners use air conditioners in the summer to keep their homes at a pleasant temperature. On hot days, you might need to rely on the AC for a long time; therefore, it’s essential to be aware of its performance. An ineffective unit won’t effectively cool your home, and you’ll also pay more for air conditioning services.

Ways to check the efficiency of the air conditioner

You should frequently inspect your appliance to ensure it operates at its best. Here are several methods you may use to check your air conditioner’s effectiveness.

  • Assess the temperature in each room

All rooms should remain at a constant temperature from an efficient AC. When the device loses efficiency, some rooms seem a little warmer than others. The wrong size air conditioner might lead to hot and cold zones in your home. If your air conditioner is too small, it will struggle to keep the house cool and may be unable to cool all the rooms sufficiently.

  • Examination of the evaporator coils

Even a thin layer of dust on the evaporator coils might reduce your unit’s efficiency. The evaporator coil removes heat and moisture from the indoor air to enable cool air circulation. The unit will struggle to maintain the desired temperature and use more energy due to the clogged evaporator coils’ reduced ability to absorb heat.

The AC may even stop functioning if the moisture in the air freezes to the coil. Use the no-rinse foam coil cleaner to clean the coils, or hire our skilled air conditioning contractor in Tulare, CA.

  • Examine the air filters

Checking the air filters is the first step to determining whether the AC operates efficiently. The obstruction of airflow caused by dirt in clogged air filters reduces the appliance’s effectiveness. Our air conditioning services in Tulare, CA, advise that the filters should be replaced every three months, but if you live in an area with a lot of dust or have a pet that sheds, you should replace or clean them every month.

The AC may not operate as well as it should if you can’t recall the last time you cleaned or changed your filters.

  • Inspect the blower regularly

The AC blower facilitates airflow, removing warm air from the interior and returning cool air to the vents. An inefficient blower will therefore reduce an AC’s effectiveness. All season long, continue to keep an eye on your outdoor appliance.

The blower works if you can hear or see the fan moving and feel the air at the top. However, it might be broken if you can’t see the blower moving. You should contact our professional air conditioning contractor, to identify and resolve the problem.

  • Look over the drain line

A blocked drain line can also impact your AC’s effectiveness. The AC will repeatedly cut off before reaching the intended temperature if there is too much water in the drain pan due to an obstruction in the drain line.

Most modern systems contain a safety feature that turns the system off if it senses too much water to prevent harm. As a result, you should frequently inspect the drip pan during AC tune-ups in Tulare, CA.

Need help from a professional to increase your AC's efficiency?

If you are having trouble with an inefficient air conditioner and require professional assistance, contact Central Heating & Cooling, Inc. Our company provides installation, repair, and AC tune-ups. Call (559) 688-6675 to make an appointment.

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