Debunking The Most Popular Air Conditioning Myths

Debunking The Most Popular Air Conditioning Myths

As the official start of summer finally, in Fresno, California, it’s no secret that our air conditioning units are functioning every single day to hold us chill and comfortable. There are so many air conditioning services , out there to maintain your home unheated.

Regardless of how much of the advice you get is just myths. So, you need to tackle the most common myths and grasp the true principle of maintaining your air conditioner. Get help if you need from an expert air conditioning contractor in Tulare, CA.

Popular Air Conditioning Myths

Be aware that rumors about air conditioning service, can spread like wildfires, so we wanted to set these myths straight before you do more damage than good to your AC unit and yourself this warm season!

Faster Cooling With Lower Thermostat Temperature!

This myth sounds logically possible, correct? Fine, it turns out that this myth, in reality, a myth. The truth is your air conditioning unit will make your home cool at the same rate and speed no matter the temperature on the thermostat. As you go after this myth, all this does force the air conditioning unit to function forcefully, and then it has to achieve comfort inside your home.

It’s Better With Bigger Air Conditioners!

The most familiar myth you encounter about AC repair in Tulare, CA, is this, and it is probably the worst. Usually, size doesn’t matter. Installing a perfectly sized AC unit includes insulation, windows, air leakage, roof characteristics, and which way the window faces. They may run a bit longer and offer the occupants comfier and consume less electricity than oversized units.

Wasting Time And Money When Servicing AC Units!

A false myth. Even your air conditioning unit needs to breathe with the help of regular cleaning. By doing so, you can keep your AC unit performance smooth and efficient. Moreover, it also offers a chance to identify potential problems that might have developed over the winter. If you ignore servicing your units regularly, believing this myth can lead to serious issues that come with extra charges. If you AC breaks down on a regular basis then get a new AC installation in Tulare, CA.

Turning Off Or Increasing The Temperature In Thermostat While Leaving Home Saves Money!

A few might believe that they can save money by shutting down the AC or setting the thermostat at an extra high temperature when they leave home, then tuning the thermostat with a lower degree when reaching home. But the reality is untrue on both counts. The air conditioner has to run much harder to cool the burning house when you return. Most AC systems only run at one speed, so a lower setting forces the appliance to perform longer.

Summertime electric bills are usually tough to balance. These myths do ruin your AC units and also melt your budget. Don’t let these myths tip you in the wrong direction, leading to the repair or replacement of your machinery.

Are you in the thought of keeping these myths regarding air conditioning service in Tulare, CA? Contact us and clarify all your queries. CENTRAL Heating & Cooling Inc. team is always ready and disposed to comfort our clients.