Could Your AC Repair Be a Thermostat Issue?

Could Your AC Repair Be a Thermostat Issue?

Problems with your AC can be caused due to several issues. These problems are more prominent, especially after you restart using your air conditioner unit after the chilly winters. However, even though there are several reasons why your room isn’t at the perfect temperature to beat the heat even after several sessions with the best service providers for air conditioning Repair in Tulare, CA. One of the most overlooked of them is issues with the thermostat

While thermostats do not cause trouble often, it is better not to overlook any of the possible issues when getting your air conditioner repaired or serviced. We understand that going to a professional company for your thermostat isn’t going to be your first choice. A few things you can check yourself to determine the condition of your thermostat are – 

  • Thermostat settings
  • Battery life
  • If the thermostat is on “fan-only” mode
  • If the unit turned off due to pre-programmed settings 
  • Unstable voltage 

Possible Issues With The Thermostat

Before seeking professional help for air conditioner service in Tulare, CA, it is also better to know the possible common problems and their causes. 

  • Short Cycling: If the temperature sensor in your thermostat fails, it will begin to shut down the cooling cycle prematurely. Short cycling puts too much strain on the compressor and results in your unit’s high bills and shorter life. 
  • Uneven Cooling: A faulty or miscalibrated thermostat, in turn, causes AC unit failure. This results in uneven cooling. Uneven cooling may also be a result of damaged and leaky ductwork
  • Malfunctioning Blower Fan: Your blower fan can malfunction by continuously running for hours at a stretch or by not starting up at all. Both of these issues result from the damaged wiring of the thermostat unit and can be fixed by a technician from a good air conditioning contractor in Tulare, CA.
    Some other problems may also crop up because of the following issues – 
  • Poor placement: Your thermostat is heavy machinery and needs ample space around it to dissipate any heat. Placing it in a closed space with a comparatively high or low temperature can lead to inaccurate readings and, in turn, improper cooling. 
  • Battery: Sometimes, we overlook the smallest issues that can be fixed within a few minutes. After not using your thermostat for a prolonged time, the batteries can die or even leak, causing the thermostat to stop working. 
  • Electrical or Wiring: If you live in a place with an unstable voltage supply, the chances are that your thermostat was damaged because of the same. A high voltage surge can either activate the fuse of the thermostat, while a low voltage supply leads to the reduced power of the thermostat, which in turn affects its performance. 

While most of these issues do sound pretty simple and may seem to be easy to handle, it is better to opt for professional help from expert AC tune-up in Tulare, CA service providers instead of working on the system on your own.