AC systems are supposed to run consistently during the summer to keep us cool. When you start using your AC system after a long break and discover that it isn’t working as efficiently as it used to, you should contact our experienced air conditioning contractors in Tulare, CA.

It’s recommended to schedule maintenance services in late spring, so you can promptly deal with complications if they arise during the inspection.

Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Is Working Inefficiently

Several reasons why your air conditioner cannot decrease the temperature and needs an urgent AC repair:

Leaking ducts

Cool air circulates in your home through ducts. The cool air will escape the ducts if they have any leaks, such as holes or cracks, and your home will not stay cool.

Incorrect AC unit size

You may have received the incorrect unit size during AC installation, which can cause efficiency and comfort issues. Before checking for other factors, check whether the system is the correct size with one of our experienced technicians.

Insufficient refrigerant

A hissing or bubbling sound from your air conditioner indicates the evaporator coils are leaking refrigerant. Insufficient refrigerant will not allow your air conditioner to produce enough condensed air to cool your entire home. If you are experiencing this, get in touch with our certified professionals for AC repair in Tulare.

A malfunctioning compressor

Due to the outside location of your air conditioner’s compressor, it is susceptible to damage from strong winds, thunderstorms, animals, trees, and unwanted vegetation. Check the compressor of your heating and cooling system in Tulare after a storm to ensure it hasn’t sustained severe damage.

A malfunctioning motor

The motors in your air conditioner’s fans ensure that they rotate efficiently. Even if only one motor fails, your home will not be able to cool. A professional air conditioning contractor can handle the issue and make your system work efficiently in no time.

Issues with the capacitors

The capacitors act as the motor’s batteries, giving them the initial push to start rotating. When the capacitors aren’t functioning correctly, the motors won’t work, and the fans won’t spin. Call our experienced professionals to repair it as soon as possible.

Dirty evaporator coils

Dirt will damage or clog the components on which it settles. One such component is the evaporator coils. If your heating and cooling system in Tulare frequently develops ice, you should try cleaning your whole system extensively.

Dirty air filters

It is also possible for air filters to become clogged by dirt sooner than expected. When the air filters purify your indoor air, minute dirt particles settle on them, and they become clogged and are unable to perform correctly. Replace your air filters when necessary or clean them regularly.


Several other factors contribute to inefficient cooling in your home, and only a reputable company can repair them efficiently. Central Heating and Cooling Inc can assist with any issues you may be experiencing with your air conditioner. Contact us today to learn more about our services, including repair, maintenance, and AC installation in Tulare, CA.