7 Tips To Avoid Emergency Heating Repair

7 Tips To Avoid Emergency Heating Repair

The arrival of winter means switching on the heating system and enjoying a comfortable stay with your family in your warm home. What if your system breaks down suddenly as you forget to get the necessary maintenance? Therefore, getting preventative maintenance is essential for you and your system.

7 Tips To Avoid Emergency Heating Repairs

Keep reading, and we have listed the seven tips you should follow to reduce the risks of needing an emergency heating repair in Tulare, CA:

Regular Maintenance

Like every other equipment, preventative maintenance can help you reduce the risk of several problems in your heating system. When you call a professional for heating services in Tulare, CA, he will perform many things and ensure that everything is working in perfect condition before leaving your home.

Change The Air Filters

The best thing you can do yourself for your furnace is to change the filter regularly. You should check the filter every 30 to 45 days to inspect its condition. A clogged filter prevents the air from moving properly, leading to numerous heating problems.

Regular Cleaning

The dirt causes allergies and can also severely affect your heating system. Dirt in your home will end up putting a lot of strain on your heating system, leading to several problems. To keep the dirt out of your system, you need to keep up with regular cleaning.

Look Out For Warning Signs

Noticing the warning signs of a failing heating system can help you avoid major breakdowns and repairs. Some of the common signs that you need to look out for and call a professional include:

  • Cool air
  • High energy bills
  • Short cycling
  • Insufficient airflow
  • Uneven heating

Calibrate The Thermostat Properly

Ensure your thermostat is calibrated properly and has functioning batteries. When you come from outside cold, it may be tempting to raise the temperature and get quick heating. Doing this will negatively impact your energy bills and put extra strain on your unit.

Manage Humidity

Not only in summers, but humidity also plays an integral role during winters for your heating system and health. Most homeowners use humidifiers to mist the plants indoors as the outside weather is too cold for natural humidity.

In winter, the natural humidity is very low. Your furnace also removes moisture from the air while operating. The ideal humidity for your home is between 30% to 50%. You can get a whole house humidifier to keep a check on this.

Consider The Age Of The System

Your furnace is an expensive investment lasting about 15 to 20 years. By keeping up with regular maintenance and services, you can make your unit last longer. So if your furnace is nearing its expected life, you can consider a replacement to ensure that your heating won’t be interrupted in the middle of the winter.


If your HVAC system is suddenly functioning abnormally, and you need professional HVAC services in Tulare, CA, don’t forget to contact us at CENTRAL Heating & Cooling Inc. and restore your malfunctioning system.