4 Consequences Of An Inadequately Sized HVAC System

4 Consequences Of An Inadequately Sized HVAC System

Size matters regarding HVAC systems, but perhaps not as you expect. An HVAC system that is excessively powerful or large can waste money, energy, and comfort. The air conditioning contractor in Tulare, CA, must determine how much heating or cooling capacity is required to maintain comfort in your home. This is known as the home’s load.

The home’s load depends on several factors. These include the building materials, the house’s orientation, the size, the number of occupants, the dimensions of rooms, doors, and windows and their thermal efficiency, the climate, and the ceiling height, among others. Calculating the load to purchase a properly sized HVAC system is essential.

Here Are The Four Consequences Of A Poorly Sized HVAC System

  • Too Much Power: If your HVAC system is oversized for your residence, it will be overpowered. An overly large system cools quickly. Once it reaches the programmed temperature, the thermostat shuts down the program before cooling the entire home. This short cycling may require air conditioning services in Tulare, CA.
    Air conditioners are designed to release a certain amount of cool air over a predetermined period, but short-cycling increases system wear and tear. This results in decreased efficiency and an increased likelihood of breakdown compared to a properly sized unit.
    Multiple repairs during the summer can place a significant strain on a family’s finances. In addition to maintenance issues, short cycling causes indoor air quality problems.
  • Your Residence Is Never Properly Cooled: Your air conditioner is a little engine during the summers. It is working and trying as hard as possible, but it simply lacks the power to cool your home adequately. You may observe that some regions of your home are slightly more cool than the exterior or that some areas are warmer than others. This is uneven cooling and requires the immediate attention of an AC installation expert.
  • High Utility Costs: If your air conditioner is too small to cool your home effectively, your energy bills may be disproportionately high. Because the unit must exert so much effort to meet demand, it consumes significantly more electricity than it should.
    It may even overheat and shut down entirely on sweltering summer days due to a motor overheating or frozen evaporator coils. Even if you set your programmable thermostat to a comfortable temperature, an air conditioner that is too small may never reach that setting. It is better to consult HVAC services in Tulare, CA in this case.
  • Prolonged Use Of AC: A home’s warm air and moisture are absorbed by an air conditioner, which then runs the air through a cooling process until it reaches the temperature set on the thermostat. If the AC size is too small for your home, it will continue to work in vain to reach the desired temperature because it lacks the cooling capacity for such an ample space. It, therefore, never completes a cycle and operates continuously. You may thus call for frequent air conditioning services.
    Each tonne of heat removed from the home requires 12,000 BTUs of cooling capacity (British Thermal Units). The greater the size of a home, the more heat it has. More heat necessitates a higher BTU requirement from the air conditioner.


An inadequately sized HVAC system never reaps any benefits but can lead you to significant losses. It is not wise to buy an AC without considering the size of the space as it causes deterioration of the air conditioning system and major problems for those using it.

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