What To Do When A Furnace Is Blowing Cold Air?

What To Do When A Furnace Is Blowing Cold Air?

As the cooler months start, your furnace will start to operate more frequently. However, you may find that your furnace is not performing as it should and at the same time your furnace is blowing cold air. As a result, some rooms are cold, the overall temperature in the house is cooler, and you have to fumble with the thermostat to get enough heat. 

These are all signs of a broken furnace, and you need furnace repair in Tulare, CA. A broken furnace is a stressful circumstance that can make life difficult for everyone. If your furnace won’t turn on or worsen the problem, you should immediately call a furnace repair service.

There are a variety of reasons why your furnace is blowing cold air, and our HVAC specialists have seen it all before! Let’s look at the most common reasons why a furnace blows chilly air:

  • Bad Thermostat: The thermostat is an essential piece of equipment for heating your home. When your house reaches a temperature you selected to start the heating cycle, your thermostat tells your HVAC system to turn on the heat.
    Thermostats can malfunction, resulting in inaccurate temperature readings. For example, if your thermostat detects that the house is warmer than it is, the furnace will be turned off too soon. To correct this, you can have our professionals re-calibrate the thermostat.
  • Gas Supply Issues: Problems with the gas supply can prevent the furnace from heating the air passing through it. It is possible that the burners are not properly igniting or turning off too soon. It is also possible that the gas pipe is clogged. Please do not troubleshoot your furnace’s burners or gas lines yourself; this can be dangerous, so leave it to our experts.
  • Dirty Air Filters: A blocked air filter will restrict airflow to your furnace, causing it to overheat and shut down. It is a common issue that you can quickly solve on your own. To begin the season, a furnace must have a clean filter. If you still have the old filter in your HVAC system from the summer, it’s time to replace it with a new one. A clogged filter makes it difficult for a furnace to heat enough air to be comfortable.
  • The Furnace Is Old: Your furnace may have just worn out to the point that it can no longer function properly. Although a focused repair may return it to working at your desired level, such fixes are frequently too costly. Therefore, any gas furnace that is more than 15 years old should be replaced.
  • Remember To Schedule Maintenance: We are not surprised if your furnace is not operating effectively because you ran it before scheduling professional maintenance. An unclean furnace worn down by the previous year’s work will struggle to perform. Make a maintenance appointment with us as soon as possible.

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