The Benefits of Mini Split Systems for Cooling Your Home

Mini Split systems — sometimes called “mini-splits” or “mini-split HVAC systems” — are an ideal option for heating and cooling Tulare and Bakersfield area homes. They are far superior to the evaporative cooling systems (swamp coolers) so popular in this part of California, as they’re much quieter and don’t require water. Mini-splits don’t create that funky swamp cooler smell, nor cause any added humidity in your living space.

They’re also superior to traditional air conditioning systems! Mini-splits are cost-effective to run, and simple to control using a push-button remote control. They’re far cheaper to run than an old AC unit!

But the benefits don’t end there. Mini-splits will also heat your home. For homeowners living in more rural areas, that means no more propane deliveries, and no more emergency trips to the store for wood pellets if you run a pellet stove. Imagine the freedom!

Mini Splits are much cleaner than wood-burning stoves and pellet stoves. If you suffer from allergies, asthma or similar issues, you’ll appreciate the cleaner air in your home this winter.

Mini-Splits: Carefree Heating and Cooling on the Same Day

California is known for its excellent weather, and it’s one of the reasons so many of us choose to live here. During the spring and fall especially, it seems like the thermometer changes drastically in one day. The staff at Central Heating & Cooling Inc knows all about chilly mornings and blistering hot afternoons.

Mini-Splits make temperature management easy, all day long. Just set your preferred temperature and leave it be. Mini Split systems will warm your home in the morning and cool it in the afternoon, without any extra attention from you.

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Tulare Homeowners Love Easy Maintenance of Mini-Split Systems

Compared to the constant concerns of fire risks presented by wood stoves and pellet stoves, mini splits are a piece of cake! They’re ideal for busy working families who would rather not keep an eye on the fire all the time, and for seniors who might be forgetful about stocking the pellets.

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