Heat pumps are a highly efficient way to warm and cool your house or office. Technological improvements have made these units good enough to be run throughout the year, unlike the older units that struggled to cool and warm houses efficiently. However, it is important for homeowners to adopt the right techniques to stay comfortable during the winter while saving money on their energy bills and averting emergency and costly heat pump repair in Fresno, CA. Listed below are a few handy tips to get the most out of your heat pump!

Set Your Thermostat:

It is important to set your heat pump thermostat to a temperature that makes your home feel cozy and comfortable. Since heat pumps are designed to measure the temperature at a different height compared to the traditional units, you may need to crank it up to a higher setting than you usually do for it to function optimally.

Avoid the Auto Mode:

This is a mistake most homeowners commit. Do not set your heat pump in auto mode. Set the pump to ‘Heat’ in winter and ‘Cool’ during summer. Using the auto mode can cause your system to switch between cooling or heating based on the temperature inside your house. This means your system could start heating the house on a cool summer night or even start cooling it on a sunny winter evening. The best bet would be to find a temperature setting on the cool or heat mode that works for you. Simply set it to that temperature and forget about it and the unit will do the rest for you. Get help from experts and call for heating repair in Fresno for more.

Perform Regular Inspections:

This cannot be emphasized enough. Like all your other devices, regular maintenance is quintessential for the health of your heat pump. Use your heat pump manual to understand how to set up your unit optimally for your needs. The manual will also show you how to perform regular maintenance to keep it working in peak working condition all year round. If you inspect and maintain your unit, it will in turn provide you efficient and cost-effective heating.

Clean the Filters Regularly:

Heat pumps keep your house warm, but when their dust filters begin to clog, they struggle to work. They work best when the dust filters on them are clean. Use your heat pump’s user manual to help you clean the unit. How often you must clean the filters depends on your system type. For instance, some systems ingest more dirt, while others can ingest pet hair. The filters on indoor units will do good if cleaned several times a year. It is also good practice to replace them once every year. Remember, cleaning your air filters can improve the airflow in your house by over 30%.

While every home is different and the usage varies, a heat pump will work optimally if it is given the TLC it deserves. If you need professional heating services in Fresno, Central Heating & Cooling Inc is a name you can trust. Waste no time, call us today at 559-688-6675 for affordable and reliable heating and cooling services.

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