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How Do You Know If You Need Maintenance/Repair Services?

Like with any air conditioner unit, the evaporative humidifier has its own repair and maintenance needs. Sometimes the motor gets burnt out, or maybe you’re not getting enough humidity for our particularly dry area. If your AC is brand new and is only a few years old, you should consider getting it repaired or maintained. Simply by replacing its air filters can help make your AC even more efficient at its job. AC’s of any time need to have regular maintenance and should be regularly checked for any clogs, leaks or odd smells which can cause from hazards like mold and mildew.

When And Why Should You Get Your Old Model Replaced?

Age is another one of those seemingly unimportant factors when it comes to getting your AC repaired or replaced. Even if your model is only about 10 years old, you might want to consider getting it replaced as the newer models can save you 20 — 40% on your next bill! If you have a basic model, you should consider switching to a high efficiency evaporative humidifier and a energy star rating model can help you save another massive bundle of money in the long run.

Why Should You Get A Evaporative Humidifier Installed Over Another Type Of AC?

Unlike the other models, this type of AC can actually help humidify your home. Areas like ours tend to be excessively dry and needs slightly more humidity in the air in order for it to feel just right. They are also much more moderately priced than getting ductless mini-splits or central air units.

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HVAC Evaporative Humidifiers

Everyone is aware that the outside air in winter is cold. What may be a surprise is that cold air is also dry air. Simply stated, cold air is not capable of holding much water vapor. As the air gets colder, it gets drier. The result is that during cold winter months, the humidity levels in your home can be low enough to feel like a desert. If that sounds uncomfortable to you, consider solving dry air issues with an evaporative indoor air humidifier for your entire home.

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